We have the resources to deliver customized campaigns to cater to each client and their audience. Our main focus is maintaining a positive image for our clients in the light of the media and society, while making sure their brand and/or message is heard by their target audience.


Public Relations is the key component to building and maintaining a strong, positive image in the light of the media. We offer the development and execution of result driven, strategic public relations campaigns that strive to generate attention and result in an increase in brand awareness and sells. Understanding the importance of our clients’ presence and image in the media; we implement strategies to position them and their brands in top tier print, broadcast and digital media outlets.

  • Media Placement
  • Media Tours
  • Press Conferences + Press Events
  • Press Releases Draft + Distributions
  • Brand Positioning Analysis
  • Press Kit
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Monitoring
  • On-Site Client Representation
  • Sponsorship Outreach
  • Celebrity Seeding + Gifting
  • Press Schedule Management
  • Press Prep + Media Training
  • Image Consulting + Development


Being aware of the influx in social media engagement and social search being a dominate deciding factor when it comes to consumer purchases; Image Is Everything has cooked up a recipe for success to capitalize on the social influencers’ audience. Traditional PR supported by Brand Ambassador Programming is the winning formula for creating a global footprint and dominating in your industry.

  • Influencer Selection
  • Influencer Driven Activations
  • Influencer Seeding
  • Social Media Product Placement
  • Influencer Driven Social Campaigns


Branded events offer a unique opportunity for consumers to interact with companies to get a firsthand sense of the company’s message, focus and persona. Events allow the company to humanize their brand gaining trust, comfortability and brand loyalty from its target audience. With public relations tactics consumers can live or relive these moments over and over again allowing the brand to create a lasting impression.

  • Celebrity & VIP Invite + Management
  • Influencer Invite + Management
  • Sponsorship Package Development
  • Sponsorship Outreach
  • Pre-event Media Outreach
  • Pre-event Media Alert and/or Press Release
  • Post Event Media Photo Recap
  • Event Specific Social Media Campaign
  • Videography + Photography Shot List
  • Consult on Branded Event Graphics (signage, social, decks, marketing materials)


Emerging and established Social Influencers are in need of strategic marketing implementation in order to gain brand awareness and garner the attention of harmonious brands. With our use of diverse networks and industry relations, we use a detailed and unique approach to align our clients with like-minded brands in the interest of brand deals, partnerships, ambassador programs and endorsement deals.

  • Brand Deals + Endorsements
    • Seek
    • Negotiate
    • Close
  • Manage Brand Deals
    • Legal
    • Accounting
    • Communication + Correspondence
  • Brand Deal Schedule Management
  • Press Schedule Management
  • Paid Appearance Pitching
    • Speaking Engagements
    • Panel Discussions
    • Brand Supportive Appearances
  • Light PR Support